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Community Works Tuscaloosa, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, was formed in 2015 to help improve the lives of low-income residents in western Tuscaloosa. Under our Five-Year Community Housing Development and Citizen Participation Plan, we've expanding our housing services and financial literacy courses by offering credit repair counseling.

We hope to reach 24 neighborhoods by the end of 2020. Contact us now to learn about our vision and programs, including upcoming financial literacy courses.

How we define success

We've made great strides in helping teens prepare for future careers, at-risk young adults achieve educational goals and adult workers hone their skills. Due to federal grants, community partnerships and volunteer efforts, many of the people we've helped have completed job training and referral programs through...

  • Our Ollie Washington Pre-Apprentice Construction Program, which offers a variety of construction training classes.
  • Region 3 Workforce Council, which connects skilled workers with local job opportunities.
  • Pathways, which is a career skills readiness program.

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